Microsoft is damaging Earth for all current human and other life forms with its uncaring corporate decision making not to support existing software. Microsoft is deliberately and knowingly telling all so called "users" to scrap perfectly good computers and buy new ones! What should we do about this?

Clearly "going forward" by the visible zombie corporate buzz-term mindless mantras the nasty destructive Cult of Managerialism has infected Microsoft. On its new "journey".

Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 could send 240 million PCs to landfills - report

By Akash Sriram HERE

The Darwin Supermyth is bust

It is a proven fallacy that Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace (1858/59) were each first to independently conceive the full theory of evolution by natural selection. This is because top Darwin experts such as Richard Dawkins and Darwin medal winners Sir Gavin de Beer and Ernst Mayr (to name just a few) write that Patrick Matthew (1831) was in fact first into print with the entire theory. The myth that Darwin should have priority for Matthew's prior published theory is based on the falsehood knowingly spread by Darwin that no single person read Matthew's theory. In fact Darwin's and Wallace's influencers and their influencers, among others also newly discovered, had read and cited Matthew's book. For these facts and many more in this story read the book Science Fraud.

More than one artificial intelligence system finds Charles Darwin guilty of knowingly lying about Matthew's (1831) prior readership. Hence the Supermyth of Darwin being an honest originator of the theory of evolution by natural selection is busted by the empirical data and logical reasoning based on it. 

See the empirical data on this topic Here

Watch the above video on the worlds biggest science fraud.

Towards a science of veracity

Understanding and reducing the power of fallacies, myths and lies.

Dysology is the study of orthodox bias, academic blind spots, irrationality, pseudo scholarship and fraud influencing bad social science research, bad science, bad policymaking, quackery, counterknowledge, 'voodoo histories', 'voodoo criminology', 'flat earth news', unevidenced claptrap, truisms dressed up as causalities, de-bunked beliefs, and other ignorance.

SupermythsWhen respected skeptics deploy a myth to bust another myth, or else to support one, they create deeply entrenched fallacies known as supermyths.

Dysology Blog

What does the disconfirming evidence for Darwin's & Wallace's so-called indpendent discovery mean. Click to discuss the League of Nerds Podcast on YouTube

The Dysology Hypothesis

Letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere. Such dysology then serves as an allurement to poor scholars to disseminate existing myths and fallacies and to create and publish their own in these topic areas, which leads to a downward spiral of diminishing veracity on particular topics.

Bombshell Discovery: Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace Committed the World's Greatest Science Fraud by Plagiarising the Entire Theory of Natural Selection and then Lying by Pretending they had no Prior-Knowledge of Patrick Matthew's Prior-Publication.

In 2014 big data analysis of the 30+ million books in the Google library project revealed that Darwin lied when he said that neither he nor any naturalist known to him had read Patrick Matthew’s prior publication of the complete theory of natural selection.

For the past 156 years the scientific community ignored the ancient Latin motto of the royal society – nullius in verba (on the word alone of no one)  - and simply took Darwin’s word for it.

Rather than no one reading Matthew’s book, as Darwin cliaimed in 1860, in fact at least 25 people read it, seven of whom were naturalists. Four of those seven were known to Darwin and Wallace and three played major roles at the epicentre of influence and facilitation of their pre-1858 work. One even edited and published Wallace’s famous Sarawak paper! Moreover Darwin told 6 lies to achieve primacy over Matthew and a computer assisted plagiarism check of the pre 1860 work of both Darwin and Wallace revealed striking similarities with Matthew’s prior published book of 1831.

To read the full story please click here

The "New Data" facts, which the powerful "Darwin Deification Lobby" are seeking to suppress by engaging in classic "fact denial tactics" to mislead the public, have made it into a peer reviewed science journal. Read the latest peer reviewed science paper that proves Darwin lied, plagiarised and was most likely highly influenced by Patrick Matthew. Here

Or read it on this website - below.

Explanations by Analogy have the Power to Change the World.

Read Mike Sutton's  2015 position paper on why the New Data means Darwinist beliefs in their namesake's and Wallace's so called "independent discoveries" of Matthew's prior published theory - whilst  surrounded by friends and associates who read it - is as improbable as The Virgin Mary supernaturally conceiving a child whilst surrounded by fertile men. Here

What is The Patrick Matthew Effect in Science?

Robert Merton (1968) coined the term “The Matthew Effect in Science” to explain by biblical analogy how famous scientists are sometimes credited more than those who are lesser known but more deserving. Leading Darwin scholars have admitted Patrick Matthew (1831) originated the theory he uniquely called the “natural process of selection”, which Charles Darwin (1859) re-named “process of natural selection”. The current consensus among many Darwin scholars is that Matthew cannot have priority for his theory because he failed to influence anyone. According to Darwin and all Darwin scholars thereafter, neither he nor anyone else read Matthew’s theory before 1859. However, new research has shown, contrary to what has been taught, that Matthew’s book in fact was read and cited by at least 30 scholars before Alfred Wallace’s and Darwin’s replications of 1858 and 1859. These included (i) Robert Chambers (Wallace’s admitted greatest influencer) who met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1858, (ii) John Loudon, an associate of Darwin’s associates, and (iii) Prideaux John Selby, Chief Editor of Wallace’s 1855 Sarawak paper on evolution of species. With a focus on the story of Matthew, Darwin, and Wallace, this chapter addresses the ethics of taking the step to reveal errors of fact in the publication record that have been used to misinform history.

Read the book chapter by the criminologist Dr Mike Sutton and psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths HERE


I was in Megginch Castle in The Carse of Gowrie Scotland under the portrait of John Murray Drummond (AKA JMD), friend of Patrick Matthew. The violin is made from a fallen apple tree planted at Megginch Castle over 150 years ago, probably planted by the famous orchardist Patrick Matthew for his friend and neighbour JMD. Filmed on 21st May 2023 with the famous violinist and TV and film actor Thoren Ferguson (playing the Patrick Matthew Violin), Hon. Catherine Drummond Herdman, master maker of the violin Steve Burnett of Edinburgh who made this superb and beautiful violin along with and top Press Association photographer Jane Barlow, the last person to photograph Queen Elizabtheth II

The Patrick Matthew Violin was crafted by a  master violin maker artisan, commissioned by Dr Mike Sutton, from a perspective of exquisite irony to inform science and the history of science that as disciplines they should be based on empirical facts and not superbusted made up beloved creation stories.

You can hear and read a lot more about this wonderful violin on the Patrick Matthew Website, which has a dedicated page to it: Here

How do we solve the science problem of the supposed later dual independent conceptions of a prior published theory?

How did Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace in 1858/59 supposedly independently and miraculously replicate what Darwin, Wallace, de Beer, Mayer, Dawkins and many other top biologists said was essentially the exact same full theory of evolution by natural selection and the very same four essential words to name it (natural process of selection that BigData analysis shows Patrick Matthew originated and had published in 1831? And why, in light of the new data that busts Darwin and Wallace's excuse that Matthew's theory was unread before 1860, are the Darwin dependent Linnean Society and the Royal Society now shamefully publishing desperately silly papers by cyberstalking obscene criminals, workplace harassment criminals and repeat research plagiarists that claim Matthew's theory is now suddenly and yet ever so conveniently to be argued to be significantly different to that published by Darwin and Wallace?

Readers of this website can buy a copy of Science Fraud at a 40% discount off the current retail price. The book provides all the independently verifiable data, supported by academic references to sources, that proves both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace plagiarized the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Visit the publisher's website Curtis Press and use the code suttonsites24 to get this deal at checkout before paying.

The Patrick Matthew Violin was made and is being played to inform science and history that it is exquisitely ironic that in the so called post-truth age of lies, fake news and other deception that it must fall to art to inform science and history that those disciplines should be less artistic and more scientific. Our history of science should be based on verifiable empirical data - not beloved myths that are bust by such data. You can find out more and see more videos of the violin at the relevant PatrickMatthew.com page.