We humans are pattern recognising creatures.


Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where the watcher or listener perceives an image or sound to be significant.


In the video (link below) it looks like a demon appears in the window glass.




Click the image or link below to see my Jamaican holiday video of the:

Demon in the glass


In reality, what you see in the video is no more than a weird looking random stain left by condensation. The 'demon' image first seems to appear from nowhere because the light refracting through the glass renders it invisible. That is, until I walk around with the camera to capture it at the right angle.



To some extent at least, all experts see patterns in data, which they think are significant and many see predominantly their own pet theories as the best rhetorical explanations of the present or events past.

























Confirmation Bias can be a form of pattern recognition. If you believe in the moon causing 'lunacy' then you might be more prone to remember examples of mad behaviour during a full moon and pay less regard to those at other times.

There is no more lunacy and crime even when it's a full moon.

Badass Data Science:

Why not fly over and pay them a visit to check out the math on crime and the lunar cycle here.




































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