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Mythbusting Impact


Quick Overview




1. In Norway: Journal on the Spinach decimal error mythbusting written by

Ole Bjørn Rekdal. And by same author on a website: Here http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2012/mai/321098


2. Is Popeye eating the wrong stuff?


Earlier influence (pre 2012) :


1.  Ig-Nobel Prize winner




Dr Karl S. Kruszelnicki,
Julius Sumner Miller Fellow,
The Science Foundation for Physics,
School of Physics, Building A-28,

The University of Sydney, NSW 2006


2. Nutritionist Glenn Cardwell



3. Nutrition site: http://deconstructingdelicious.com/tag/vitamin-a/


4. Influence upon an imunohaematologist  




5. Influence upon comic book character experts:






6. Skepsis blog (Netherlands) on the Spinach Myth http://www.skepsis.nl/blog/2011/03/de-komma-van-ijzer-in-spinazie-en-popeye-de-mythe/#comments You can translate this page using Google translate


7. Influence upon Samuel Arbesman (Author of "The half-Life of facts": http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/09/opinion-errors-knowledge-crowdfixing/ and here:









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